The Church at Canyon Creek
Women's Ministry Pages

Who We Are...

We are a multi-generational group of women, who desire to grow and develop a personal and intimate relationship with Christ, and in the process, develop life-long, deep, authentic friendships with each other.  We desire to be iron sharpening iron in our friendships, and create a warm caring environment that is welcoming to all women in every situation in life.


Ministry Purpose: Our purpose is to support and encourage women in their faith.

The Vision for The Church at Canyon Creek is:

As leaders, our task is to clarify who we are as a church and what God has called us to do. Our identity, our DNA, is very clear. Three pillars which shape the identity of our church are:

our IMAGE discipleship strategy

our FAITH BUILDERS family strategy

our ON MISSION outreach strategy

Therefore, the vision of our church is building the faith of generations of people who are being conformed to the image of Christ and living on mission for Christ.

For more information on The Church at Canyon Creek's Vision, click here.