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Get to know Our Women's Ministry team

Karen Melles:

Karen is the director of our ladies' ministry at TC@CC and heads up our mentoring program.
Chris Brock:

Chris is currently in charge of our women's Bible study ministry, together with Jen Shoen.
Cheryl Breeden:

Cheryl is currently leading our women's On-line Bible study.
Chris Watson:

Chris is currently heading up our home groups Bible study ministry.
Phylis Trautmann:

Phylis is currently leading our life groups ministry.
Lyndsey Testone:

Lyndsey is currently heading up our retreat ministry.
Carolyn Dixon;

Carolyn is currently leading our TLC women's ABF class.
Arlene Jennings:

Arlene is currently leading our MOPS ministry.
Paige Johnson:

Paige is currently leading the book club as well as leading Hearty Spools with Linda Ann Joslin.
Linda Ann Joslin:

Linda Ann is currently leading our Hearty Spools ministry, together with Paige Johnson.
Amy Masters:

Amy is currently heading up our Save One ministry.
Anna Jenkins:

Anna is currently our Event's coordinator for all events related to the women's ministry and TC@CC.

Anna, her husband Marcus and daughter Abby joined The Church at Canyon Creek in 2012 after spending many years at Great Hills Baptist Church. A lifelong "yes" girl, Anna started volunteering in various areas of the church shortly after joining. As a professional event planner, she found planning events with the women's ministry a natural fit. Anna loves a good DIY project, baking (not cooking!) sweet tea, football, and her crockpot. 

Mary Kelly:

Mary is currently heading up our Appetite for Freedom ministry.
Jen Shoen:

Jen is currently in charge of our women's ministry Bible study, together with Chris Brock. Jen also handles our public relations and social media, for all our women's ministries.  She runs our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. 

"I believe we are in an age of social media.  It is reaching people in all areas of the globe, and we have a wonderful opportunity to use our ministry to reach others, even in other countries and nations.  I have always been "technical", alright, a geek, by nature, so handling on-line media seemed pretty natural.  I also enjoy the ability to be creative and help with making things look aesthetically pleasing.  My hope for this "ministry", is to help keep everyone informed and up-to-date, on all the activities, events, and opportunities to connect and grow as a woman, at The Church at Canyon Creek.  Community has been so valuable, priceless really, to us since moving here in 2011.  We love it here in Austin, and that is mostly due to the amazing friends and family at TC@CC.  I hope that you will have the opportunity to come, connect, and grow with us."

Jen has been married to her wonderful husband Jon for 13 years, and they have three beautiful children together.  They moved to Austin in 2011 from Helena, Montana.  She currently works as a professional free-lance photographer and enjoys singing, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Psalm 19:14 -  "Lord, may the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing in your eyes.  You are my Rock and my Redeemer."

*Disclaimer*: If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our website or social media sites, please contact Jen.